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Bigfoot, Loch Ness, and ROI

You uncovered a meaningful insight and turned it into a solid strategy; a bold creative concept was conceived; a thoughtful digital campaign was launched. Then you find out the campaign ROI was 14:1… and you just don’t believe it. Hmm…

Why is incredible ROI an unbelievable fantasy that’s too good to be true? Why has it become a modern-day myth only trusted by the gullible or foolish? And why do we continue to invest huge sums of money in suboptimal tactics despite the treasure map leading us in the other direction?

Bill Drummy debunks the most common arguments for doubting ROI data and explains why X actually does mark the spot in his latest article for MM&M Magazine:

“The High Cost of Doubting Those ROI Numbers”

Source: Bill Drummy, as featured in MM&M Magazine
Date Published: November, 2012

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